WHADDA Deal from The Sauce LA!!!

We believe in making mouthwatering e juice flavors that make you go wow! You may have seen that one of our flavors is an Official Vape Memes all time favorite. And our coffee flavor won the Vape Nights Iron Award for best in category! In our industry-surpassing ISO 5 clean room, our Ph.D chemists work on perfecting our own steeping and filtering process. We make your transition to e-cigarettes affordable, tasty, and fast!

It’s really simple – use the same coupon code every week (Cheers) for 60% off in-house ejuice. Plus, I select a flavor (or flavors!) that’ll be the perfect start to your week. And you’ll get them at an incredible price!

This week’s featured flavor is XXX. It’s a sweet, tangy, fruity tropical mixed drink and it is always my number 1 recommendation for summer flavors.

60% Off eJuice

PLUS Special XXX Price

EXPIRES June 24th!

Code: Cheers

Shop now at www.thesaucela.com


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