Award Winning Pier BOGO e-Juice | The Sauce LA

This BOGO Includes Two (2) 120ml Flavors Of Your Choice

You see a lot of ads promising cheap e-juice. But is it delicious e-juice? The Award Winning Pier BOGO is both. 

Pick two vape juice flavors from the Pier Line and we will ship it on the same day for free when you place it by 2pm, PST in the United States. Just make sure your cart subtotal is $29.99 or greater.

We think you’ll love Caramel Waffle Cappuccino. 

Vape Nights Las Vegas 2016 Iron Award Best Coffee Flavor

It won an award at Vape Nights Las Vegas 2016 (that’s a worldwide show, folks) for the best coffee flavor around. But don’t forget about the other three options – Mango Tropical Blast or Passion Fruit Cooler are great choices for fruity flavor lovers and Vanilla Bean Cream is a excellently simple coffee with creamer.

You gotta try this stuff right now!

 Available Vape Juice Flavors: Caramel Cappuccino+Vanilla Bean+Mango+Passion Fruit

You can choose two of the flavors below:

  • Caramel Waffle Cappuccino – Award Winning Coffee Flavor : Sweet caramel hits your palate first, rich and full bodied. On the exhale, you’re treated to brusque notes of a perfectly press-brewed cup of coffee, with just a touch of cream and sugar. Best coffee Vape Juice!
  • Passion Fruit CoolerWith spirited notes of luscious passion fruit and ripe strawberries, and a subtle twist of lemon and green tea, Passion Fruit Cooler e-Juice is like an extra large red tea from your friendly neighborhood barista!
  • Mango Tropical BlastRipe, succulent mango and a touch of passion fruit and sweet tangerine come together for an unbelievably refreshing all day vape.
  • Vanilla Bean CreamRich vanilla, with smooth notes of coffee and decadent whipped cream.  Premium coffee Vape Juice.

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