Most Efficient Way To Take CBD Is Vaping

CBD has become one of the hottest health trends in years, and research shows that vaping is the best way to take it

As the movement for marijuana rights gains acceptance, some of the other active ingredients of cannabis other than THC have been growing in popularity. Chief among them is the cannabidiol known as CBD. It’s been suggested to treat ailments ranging from pain relief and inflammation to serious anxiety relief. The first and foremost thing to understand about CBD is that it doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive ingredients that typically makes cannabis get you high. Instead, CBD has been shown to have most of all the perceived benefits of marijuana without any of the potentially undesired effects. This makes it especially useful for children or sober adults who want to avoid getting high. Unfortunately, given its source, CBD is still having a hard time being accepted by a wide range of people.

But once you take a look at the full list of thing that CBD has been shown to improve, it becomes obvious why so many are now swearing by the drug. CBD has even begun to be prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from depression and schizophrenia. Some research also indicates that it may treat infections that are resistant to traditional antibiotics. The best news for vapers though is that research shows vaping CBD is the best way to enjoy all of the benefits.

Vaping CBD?

The most common way to see CBD taken is either in pill form or edibles like gummies. The problem is that through these methods, only around 15% of the available CBD ends up in your bloodstream. The bioavailability of CBD is mostly wasted, as nearly 85% of all CBD is essentially lost when taken in a pill. The main reason for the low bioavailability is that when taken orally, the CBD must pass through the liver before being incorporated into the blood. Since it’s precisely the job of the liver to filter out substances, it’s no wonder why only 15% is actually used.

On the other hand, vaping CBD has been proven to be extremely efficient. The primary reason for this is the bypassing of the liver by ingesting it as a vapor. Through this method, the CBD can be directly incorporated into the bloodstream from the lungs. The result is that around 60% of the available CBD is successfully passed into the blood. Another significant advantage of this method is that the effects take hold much quicker. With pills, it can take up to an hour before you begin to feel the effects of the drug, but with vaping, it takes only a couple of minutes to reach the desired effect.

CBD Research

A report from last summer took an in-depth look at how CBD is helping patients with a myriad of conditions. The 22-page paper called Understanding CBD surveyed almost 2500 users about their usage patterns and results. Of all the findings, the most encouraging was that nearly half (42%) of those surveyed said they were able to completely stop taking another medication, such as a painkiller, as a result of starting on CBD. While not everyone was able to experience those powerful improvements, almost all the participants did find that the CBD improved their quality of life in one way or another. 80% of those surveyed said that the CBD was either “very effective,” or “extremely effective” at easing their condition.


CBD is currently exploding in popularity, especially among the younger generations. It’s not hard to understand why when you take a look at the long list of terrible ailments that CBD can radically improve. What’s more, vaping your CBD is the most efficient way to ingest it, with around 60% of available CBD being used, as opposed to only 15% with pills. That means by merely deciding to vape instead of taking a pill, you could be increasing the effectiveness by four times. Not only that, but it’s also the fastest way to get relief, as opposed to waiting up to an hour for a pill to take effect. It’s no wonder why so many people are deciding to start vaping CBD, after all, you’ve got nothing to lose and precious quality of life to potentially gain.



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