Vape Mods have been an incredible alternative to smoking. However, complaints about Mod explosions make one believe that the device is dangerous. Let us tell you three possible reasons why your vape mod explodes:

  1. Lithium: Vape Mods are electronic devices that use Lithium-ion batteries that heat the cartridge, which releases a stream of vapor inhaled by the user. Much like any device, lithium batteries when damaged or placed in temperatures outside of its normal use may cause some major The presented circumstance may cause a short circuit within the device resulting in the device to overheat, catch fire and at times even explode.
  2. Cheap Gadgets: This does not suggest that expensive gadgets are perfectly safe! However, it needs to be considered, that problems with quality products of well-known brands tend to face lesser of such problems. Renowned brands have an image to carry, and for that, they precisely configure their devices for their sale market. In cheap products, more or less the chances are higher for quality related problems. These products are just out there in the market to gain the advantage of the popularity of the device and to make quick cash. They may not consider taking their gadget through every safety protocol before approving it or rejecting it.
  3. Charging Rules: Of course, we don’t consider this issue to be a serious one. After all, our phones are also charged with any charger having the same charging pin! This does constitute problems with certain devices. If the calibration of the charger does not meet the calibration of the device, it may result in a hazard. It should also be taken into account that some people overcharge their devices or some people constantly charge their devices them to keep the battery maximum. This is also dangerous. Charge your device with the manufacturer charger provided with it to minimize the risk. Don’t overcharge or constantly charge your device just for the sake of charging!


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