Philippine-made vape pen traced in Mactan, denies vape came from them

LAPU-LAPU CITY, CEBU –A vape shop here has denied that vape pen that exploded and killed a man from Florida came from them.

The sales clerk of SMOK-E MOUNTAIN Mactan Vape Cafe at Marina Mall in Lapu-Lapu City said they don’t sell the tube type vape since they opened two years ago.

The clerk, who wanted to be identified only a Billy, said the shop only sold box mod e-cigarettes and vape juice.

He said he heard from news reports about the death of an American who allegedly bought the tube-type vape from SMOK-E Mountain Mactan Vape Cafe.

“Sayop man to ilang news kay dili man to gikan sa amoa ang vape, basin ila ra nang gi-search sa internet, unya una man na nga mogawas ang among page sa internet, unya kami dayon ilang pasanginlan (The news report was wrong because the vape didn’t come from us. They might have just searched the vape on the internet and our webpage came out and then put the blame on us),” said Billy.

He said they had a branch in Barangay Mabolo in Cebu City which had already closed down.

Tallmadge D’Elia, an American from St. Petersburg, Florida was killed after his vape pen exploded and launched a projectile of two pieces into his cranium, according to Tampa Bay Times last May 15.

The report stated that the explosion of the vape pen on May 5 also caused a fire in his bedroom.

The vape pen was said to be manufactured by Smok-E Mountain Mactan and was said to be a “mod” type, according to the report.

According to Billy, vapes were battery driven causing a coil to heat and burn the juice turning into mists of smoke.

It needs regular cleaning and check-up. When the light indicator blinks, it means there is a short of its mechanism.

Vapes don’t explode but batteries do, said Billy especially if it’s an imitation or of low quality.

He said there was never a case of vape explosion in the four years that he was selling vapes first in their branch in Cebu City and then in Lapu-Lapu city.

Billy said they had complete and updated business permits and would welcome any investigation on the incident.

“Wala man mahadlok ana kay dili to gikan sa amoa,” said Billy(We are not afraid because it didn’t come from us),” he said.

Since the report about the man in Florida came out, he added only a few had gone to their cafe in Mactan.

A 22-year old customer of SMOK-E MOUNTAIN Mactan said he was not affected by the incident in Florida because he knew vapes were safe if properly used and checked regularly.

“Anhi ra man sad ko mag vape sa SMOK-E MOUNTAIN kay aron dili makahasol sa uban nga dili ganahan sa aso,” said the customer. (I only use vape here at SMOK-E MOUNTAIN because I don’t want to annoy others who do not like the smoke),” he said.



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