FDA: Lisbon store, 3 others in state sold e-liquid products to minor

A Lisbon convenience store and three additional Connecticut tobacco retailers received a formal warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April, after reportedly selling an e-liquid vaping product to a minor, according to the administration’s website.

The FDA said its Center for Tobacco Products sent out warning letters in April to 40 tobacco retailers, spanning 17 states, including the Shell/Hell Penny convenience store at 114 River Road in Lisbon.

The warning letters were issued in efforts to ensure youth aren’t able to access e-cigarettes or other tobacco products, the administration said on its website.

Stores received the letters after reportedly selling a JUUL e-liquid product to a customer younger than 18 years old, according to the site.

E-juice products consist of and/or are used in handheld vaping devices, which simulate smoking tobacco.

Subsequently, stores were asked to correct their violations within 15 days from the date they received the warning and to provide an explanation on ways they will prevent violations from happening in the future.

According to the warning, failure to correct the violations could result in the FDA taking regulatory actions, which may include civil money penalty, no-tobacco-sale order, seizure and/or injunction.

Tobacco retailers are required by law to check customer photo identification including a date of birth for all customers that appear under the age of 27, attempting to buy covered tobacco products, including e-liquid items.

Read more at http://www.norwichbulletin.com


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