Vaper’s travel guide to North America

Regulations within North American countries vary not only country wise but may also be different from different states and different cities. Vaping laws are not different and travelers are advised to check for rules within the specific destinations prior to their travel. It is important to know the protocols and custom rules when travelling by any means, so one may avoid the necessary trouble for vaping within any zone it isn’t allowed.

This article will provide you basic awareness for staying safe with vaping in North America.

The Laws for Vaping in North America

Trade agreements within the North American Countries specifically Canada, Mexico and United States allow free flow of products between these countries. Even though governments of every country hold control over their regulations for different products. Travelers can inquire with their airlines to know policies pertaining to custom. The United States announced a ban on e-cigarette devices, batteries and liquids in luggage, during 2015. Carrying small amounts of these products may not cause a trouble, however, mailing these products to your destination may. There is a likely chance that your device or its supplies may be confiscated if mailed. Crossing borders between countries may not cause custom hassles, however precaution is necessary.

Vaping Laws in the United States

Electronic cigarettes and vape mods were classified as tobacco products in 2016 by the FDA. This result in all vaping products receiving the same treatment, rules and taxation imposed upon tobacco products and companies. The regulations have allowed the regular selling of these items legally and can continue for another five years, however, these rules are also trying to ensure that small companies with minimal safety run out of business.

The usage of vaping products is allowed throughout the United States, however, much like any other tobacco products, city governments have limited spaces to vape. Every city may have a different rule as to where users may be allowed to vape and need to be followed. Even though research states that passive vaping is not at all harmful, city governments like New York do not want to risk it. In this case, they have limited vaping and smoking areas only. Any person vaping outside of a smoking area will be fined.

Many states within the United States have prohibited vaping within public areas including indoor public spaces. In California, some cities including San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Los Angeles have banned vaping at all in public places including beaches and parks.

The federal government of the United State has banned vaping within all National Parks too, since 2015. This has brought an awareness to people that the government can and may ban vaping in all state lands.

Vaping Laws in Canada

Taking personal e-cigarettes or vape mods and their supplies through the Canadian border, the legal law of Canada prohibits users from importing these products. Canada permits vaping only in smoking areas and all non-smoking areas are strictly prohibited to vape. British Columbia has explicitly banned vaping at workplaces, beaches and parks. Vaping laws for each Canadian province are publicly accessible and can be learned upon.

Much like the United States, Canada classifies e-cigarettes, vape mods, their supplies including e-liquids and all other accessories the same as tobacco products. The S-5 bill by the government of Canada, which is pending up till now, states that claiming vaping as a safer alternative to smoking will be considered an act of crime. Even though there are numerous academic researches based on these products do suggest that vaping equipment uses near harmless doses of nicotine and is less harmful than cigarettes which are loaded with other chemicals, an argument with the government is invalid.

Vaping Laws in Mexico

Mexico laws relating to electronic cigarettes and vaping are quite an interesting approach. The usage of these products are allowed within the country, however, there is a strict ban on the import, sales and consumer production of these products. Travelers should carry their own mods with only about enough juice to pass them by for their stay in Mexico. If in case you are stopped for a customs check, where the amount of e-juice you carry is considered of concern to the authorities, you should corporate. Though the majority of travelers carrying vape mods or electronic cigarettes have not faced troubles while passing through, it is better to beware of the rules.

Despite electronic cigarettes and vape mods not being legal products within Mexico, many shops do sell these items. This is also majorly because law enforcement is the role of city governments within the country, and city authorities in some cases may not have the same opinion as for the state. The state government does intervene at times. In 2015 the state government tracked and closed down two major shops selling electronic cigarettes and accessories related to them in Mexico City. However, the same city also held a Vape Town Convention in mid of 2017. Mexico allows users to vape in any legalized smoking area, however, users may find it tough to acquire their required supplies for e-cigarettes in some places.



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