Sen. Schumer Calls On FDA To Ban Flavored E-cigarettes

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is making the case for the elimination of flavored vapor products and is calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to fully regulate these products.

Schumer and a number of Democrats consider fruit and candy flavored vapor products to be marketed directly towards children, and with their rise in popularity among the country’s youth, the New York senator and his colleagues are calling for a government intervention.

“The craze among kids for e-cigarette flavors that resemble whipped cream, candies, cookies is not only a bad trend, it’s a recipe for disaster that’s fueling outright addiction,” Schumer said. “Simply put: New York kids are in a flavor trap and that’s becoming an epidemic.”

Current laws preventing the sale of vapor products to minors should be more heavily enforced according to Schumer and that a ban on “kid-friendly flavors” is needed.

“Our call today is not for new laws, not for new regulations — they’re there,” Schumer said. “But what good are these regulations if they’re not being enforced?”

Schumer was very vocal in his condemnation of flavored e-cigarettes, like the brand JUUL back in October 2017. During that time he pleaded with the FDA to limit the sale of vapor products to people over 18, just like regular tobacco products, and this flavor ban proposal is a mere extension of his earlier efforts, according to amNewYork.

A spokesperson with the FDA said that the agency will be responding to Schumer regarding his concerns directly, amNewYork also reports.



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