Yes, and No.

First and foremost, vape mods use lithium-ion batteries to burn nicotine-laced liquid, transmuting it into a vapor, containing minor traces of 60-plus carcinogens in conventional cigarette smoke. Alternatively, a vape mod can be bad for you, if you are a novice, and for some reason, you are either using or insisting upon using an unregulated mod.

Simply put, it is a vaping device that provides raw battery power to an atomizer having no power adjustments, electronic circuitry, or electronic safety features. Albeit simple in functionality, unregulated mods are termed advanced devices because they can power any atomizer & coil irrespective of the coil’s resistance, the quality of wire, or even if the atomizer has a short circuit (not good!).

Therefore, until you have the functional understanding of the battery chemistry, safety, ohms law, and the proper atomizers to use, stay clear of the unregulated, and go for regulated mods. Here are your options;

Fixed voltage

Fixed voltage device was the first e-cigarette and the go-to choice for beginners. It typically uses a vacuum switch or a single button that senses alterations in pressure as you draw.

Variable Voltage (VV)

Variable voltage devices were introduced in 2010 and achieved a revolutionary status. (VV) devices use microprocessors such as buck-boost converters, enabling vapers to exceed or go below a battery’s output voltage, hence intensifying or mellowing the vape.

Variable Wattage (VW)

Variable wattage (VW) devices really propelled modern vaping to its 2017 status. In simple terms, if you want, your desired power setting can remain constant, despite after charging an atomizers resistance. It is a feature not present in variable voltage mods.

Temperature Control (TC)

A temperature control (TC) vape mod allows a vaping enthusiast to set heat restrictions to their types of coils, something VV or VW cannot do.


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