USA : vape popularity amongst young people is worrying

In the United States, the Juul e-cigarette has become a trendy phenomenon amongst high school students. Certain states, like New York, are worried about vaping risks to young people, and have taken strict measures to protect the youth, who do not seem to be aware of the dangers. Consequently, governor Andrew Mark Cuomo signed a new law in April. This law makes it illegal to promote e-cigarettes to minors.

juul young

Seeing a steady rise in popularity since last spring, the Juul e-cigarette was invented to appeal to teenagers. With a sleek design, it looks like a small USB key, which makes it particularly attractive. It is also practical, and can slip into a pocket or a bag to make for easier vaping. Certain students even use the device in class! Godwin High School Principal Leigh Dunanvan explains that, “young people are constantly looking to have new experiences and don’t realize the risks associated with them.”  The device delivers 50 mg of Nicotine

Nicotine is an alkaloid (molecule that mostly contain basic nitrogen atoms) that is used as a psychotropic substance. Its name comes from Jean Nicot and it has been discovered in 1828. It can be found in tobacco, in e-liquids (in a synthetic form) but also in eggplants, in potatoes or in tomatoes, in small quantities. Nicotine leads to an increase of blood pressure, of heartbeat through the release of adrenaline. It also reduces the appetite, improves focus and memory. However it’s highly addictive.


, which has alarmed parents. In France, the Juul is not available, so there is no need to worry … for now.

The Objective: create more awareness amongst young people

jeunes new york stateIn the USA, a new law has been passed that punishes the promotion of electronic cigarettes to people under 18 years old. This decision has finally ended the debate over a previous law in New York State, which prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes to minors but accepted their use as advertising tools.

Despite this, purchasing e-cigarettes online is simple. Young people are understandably tempted to connect and purchase trendy, modern devices like the Juul. The authorities are asking parents to speak with their children. The goal is to open their eyes to the potential long-term dangers associated with nicotine.



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