Madison police warn against vaping certain oils after teens pass out

The Madison Police Department is warning parents to contact them if their children become ill after vaping two specific forms of eliquid.

One mother has experienced the frightening side affects first hand and wants to caution others.

“He was shaking as well as his pupils were dilated,” said this frightened mom. “It scared me. he was swaying when he walked.”

The Rankin County mother, who does not want to be identified, wants to alert other parents to the danger of teen vaping.

According to mother, her 18-year-old son vaped CBD oil called Green Mist and over the course of about eight weeks, the “A” student had a significant drop in grades.

She said she recently found him acting strangely, in a zombie like state.

“Parents need to be aware of how this can affect your child, how quickly it can affect your child and how dangerous, harmful it can be,” the mother added. “I just don’t want this to happen in anyone else’s household and I want parents to be aware.”

CBD oil is a cannibidiol usually derived from hemp.

Madison police say several teens who vaped Galaxy and Green Mist experienced significant drops in blood pressure and passed out after using it.

Dr. Robert Cox, the director of the Mississippi Poison Control Center, says CBD oil should not have adverse affects unless it is contaminated.

He advises against the use.

“Who knows what’s in it? And we’re seeing this with all sorts of things,” said Dr. Cox. “It’s most likely some of the contaminants with some of these synthetic cannabinoids. The problem that we had in 2015, and we’re still seeing some of that today.”

The mom said her son purchased Green Mist at a Flowood business.

She reported the incident to the Flowood Police Department.

Madison Police say no one has died from the use, but they urge parents to contact police if a similar situation occurs.

We contacted the business the mother reported, but are not identifying them because we could not verify that they sell the product.



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