Research: Switching From Cigarettes to E Juice Could Add Years to Your Life

Quitting smoking is easier than it’s ever been, with quality e juice shipped wherever you are. A study from the Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center found that cigarette smokers who switch to vaping could add years on to their lives. 86.7 million years, in fact, for the 6.6 million smokers evaluated. And making a permanent switch is more simple than you might think.

Dominant Vapor was founded in June 2015 on a desire for better eliquid at better prices. Its founder is a former cigarette smoker who quit after his brother passed away from cancer. Quickly after switching to vaping, he noticed major inconsistencies in the quality of e juice he purchased both at his local vapor store and online. So he decided to create his own online vape store to provide better access to high quality, trustworthy vaping products.

Dominant Vapor is more than just a vape store. Online consumers want access to the top e juices and vape accessories, and Dominant Vapor’s carefully curated selection of products is designed to provide only the best, and nothing less, with handcrafted e juice, superior accessories, and prices that won’t break the bank. The team at Dominant Vapor knows better than anybody that in order to ditch cigarettes for good and make the switch to ejuice, customers need products that meet their needs in price, accessibility, and above all, taste.

Browse the selection of handcrafted e juice made diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free with premium ingredients and produced right here in the U.S.A. Customers can also order custom e liquids specially designed according to individual tastes and flavor preferences. Create e juices with preferred flavors and levels of intensity to meet expectations every single time.

In addition to custom eliquids, find a large selection of trusted ejuice brands, as well as replacement coils, cartridges, rebuilding supplies, and other accessories to keep your vape working at its best. Dominant Vapor also offers DIY ejuice starter kits for those interested in crafting their own liquid.

Dominant Vapor is a premier vape shop online, supplying vape enthusiasts and those who are finally ready to quite cigarettes with top products at reasonable prices. Check out current bonus offers, which include discounts on shipping and a 30 ml sample eliquid for only $1.29 for qualified purchases. Say goodbye to cigarettes and hello to the best vape store on the internet. Learn more about Dominant Vapor and visit to start shopping.



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