Vape shop has prepared the best e-cigarette guide and reviewed top organic vape juice brands of the year 2017 for you! Inspect all the numerous differences between the PG and VG formulas, learn how to decide on the nicotine strength and also the flavors and find out which e-cigarette brands have proven themselves to be the very best in the market.

Kid Juice

Kid Juice is the most organic vape juice manufacturer present in the market today. Their ethos is to produce all organic vape juice with the minimal harm caused to the environment during the entire process. All of their e-cigarette organic vape juice are produced using plants and are grown without the use of pesticides. No chemicals are used during the extraction process as well.

Virgin Vapor

Virgin Vapor is yet another excellent choice when it comes to organic vape juice for your e-cigarette. All of their organic vape juice is kosher, GMO and pesticide free and vegan. The juice is extracted from the fresh fruit itself by using chemical free methods. Furthermore, their juices contain no artificial colorings whatsoever. Virgin Vapor is extremely transparent regarding the ingredients which they use in their organic vape juice. On each product page they list down everything which is included in their vape juice. As you may expect it is all natural.

Velvet Vapors

On all of their e liquids Velvet Vapors provide the option for the base to be virginally made using 100% organic VG with absolutely no PG at all. They do not really go into great detail regarding the processes which can be used during the manufacturing process of their VG. Their organic vape juice use all natural flavors and Velvet Vapors even have an article listed on their website which describes their ethos. All of their flavors in their organic vape juice for e-cigarette are naturally extracted and are grown without using pesticides. None of their juices contain any artificial colorings.


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