Brooklyn Judge Caught Vaping During Murder Trial

Let’s hope some of the judges currently deciding Deeming Rule challenges are vapers too!

A Brooklyn judge has earned a new nickname from the New York Post, after courtroom observers caught him stealth vaping on the job. The paper is calling him “the other Brooklyn Ripper.”According to the Post, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice “routinely sneaks rips from a vape pen as he presides over cases.” The Post reporters noticed the sneaky vaping while covering a sensational murder trial where the accused killer has been dubbed the Brooklyn Ripper.

“From the bench, Del Giudice would slyly hold his hands up to his face, as though stroking his goatee in contemplation,” wrote the Post, “but a blue light peeking out from his closed fist was a dead giveaway he was secretly using a vaporizer, photos show.”

The paper includes a photo (seen in the tweet above) that clearly shows the visible tip of a vape pen or cigalike, while the rest of the device is hidden by the judge’s fist.

The paper goes on to quote various courtroom observers who accuse him of unprofessional behavior. They also point out that vaping in the court — or any public New York City building — is illegal. Vapes were added to the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act last fall, and violators can get up to a $2,000 fine.

Post reporters attempted to ask Del Giudice about the e-cigarette, but he refused to comment.

Is it too much to hope for a vaper among the judges considering the Nicopure Labs/Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition appeal, or the recent Pacific Legal Foundation lawsuits against the FDA?



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