Vaporizers have existed since forever, but courtesy the heightened popularity of e-liquids, many people are only learning about them now. A vape pen is a thin pen-shaped vaporizer that leaves behind all the hazardous effects usually associated with the combustion of conventional cigarettes. The device is reliant on electricity to produce vapor. Thus every device has a battery component.

The battery, when activated, powers an atomizer which heats e-liquid to the temperature that vaporizes the material. The majority of vapor pens use lithium-ion batteries; either rechargeable or disposable. Moreover, devices carrying rechargeable batteries such as V2 Pro have the battery itself built into the vape pen. Therefore, when you recharge your device, you are in fact recharging the battery.

The majority of vaping pens that work with an e-juice come with an activation button. Therefore, just fill your favorite vape juice flavor and attach it to the pen (make sure you charge the device first). To start using, simply push the button and inhale. Moreover, due to the consistency of an e-liquid, the vaporizer pen is almost instantly able to heat the right temperature, thereby producing vapor. You can push the button for a couple of seconds before puffing (the tactic is known as priming) to relish the thickest vapor clouds possible.

Furthermore, like heat-up times, cut-off times do differ between devices, ranging from one minute to around three. The cut-off function forbids accidental use and extends the life of the battery between charges. Therefore, if your vape pen cuts off before you are done using it, just press the button to reactivate the heat cycle.Nonetheless, contrary to their name, they are yet to invent a vape pen that you can actually write with. Though, blowing out names instead of clouds could well be a hack out of David Copperfield’s bag of vape tricks.



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