Vaper’s travel guide for Airlines

Electronic cigarettes and vape mods permitted to use in flights, a few years ago. They were considered as devices that keep nicotine addicts calm with a harmless alternative to smoking. It provided an incredible ease for smokers to be able to fulfill their cravings within public places, where tobacco smoking was not permitted. As the product started reaching more and more consumer markets, various governments started labeling them as tobacco products, which started to create problems for airlines. As more governments started not only labeling electronic cigarettes as tobacco products but also treat them likewise, constituted in bans of the same level as any tobacco containing product. Previously, airlines were decision makers of their own rules, where they could allow passengers to vape in-flight, however with the changes within laws in 2016, standard rules apply.

Vaping Bans in duration of flight

The United States Department of Transportation announced an official ban on vape mods and electronic cigarettes, during flights all across the United States. The Congress voted in favor of this law, keeping in mind the previous catastrophes that have occurred at American airports in the past. In 2014, the report stated that an electronic cigarette caught fire in the luggage of the passenger carrying it. This incident took place at the Logan International Airport. After this, stories have been shared about exploding electronic cigarettes, from Florida and Kentucky alike. One story even highlighted an accident where a vape mod exploded inside the pocket of its owner, causing serious damage. With these reasons, the authorities put up a claim that confined spaces like airplanes are not a safe place to carry these devices and pose a threat to other passengers. Since the ministry and industries have been seriously concerned about passenger safety, the law was made official to stop these devices from being carried during flights. Many arguments occurred and one congressman in favor of vaping devices demonstrated how the item works. They went on to explain that these devices hold an equal amount of threat as any other battery operated device, which may constitute a fire hazard in extreme conditions. The proposition stated that these accidents majorly occurred due to user errors and not the device itself, yet it is a sad news that only the electronic cigarettes and vape mods need to go through this crucial ban, while other battery operated devices are allowed to be carried in flight.

Another concern the congress showed was the chemical fumes and second-hand vape that may infect other passengers, which have been heavily argued with research. However, it is a shame to know that even after research and validations from medical professionals, the device and its use still viewed as harmful.

E-liquid Vapor Viewed Harmful, Regardless of Research

Most people, countries and governments view vaping as same as smoking. Even though numerous research states otherwise, the arguments between those in favor of vaping and those against it have still not reached a conclusion. For users both old and new, it is one of a major question if these devices hold the same effects and harms as that of a tobacco product, especially individuals who shifted to vape mods and electronic cigarettes to be able to find a safer alternative than tobacco to prevent diseases.

To be fair and honest, there has been a plenty of testing and research on this topic and all have come down to a single conclusion that vaping is not remotely as harmful as tobacco products, if not at all. England’s Public Health publishes a detailed review data on electronic cigarettes, proving the same point. British American Tobacco Association, MatTek Corporation and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York found that individuals who inhale passive vape, have nothing to worry about because it contains minute amounts of nicotine which are perfectly safe. Researchers also confirmed that diseases, especially cancer is not caused by nicotine, but by tar and other chemicals found traditionally within tobacco products. Tobacco products like regular cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, benzene, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, formaldehyde and other toxic compounds, which are a source of all major diseases caused by smoking and tobacco products, not present in electronic cigarettes.

Even though research mentions all the points above, critiques still claim that long-term effects of these products need to be identified, before they can be passed on or permitted in the commercial markets. While the governments of the world decide upon their legislation and regulations, users will have to wait and refrain from carrying their devices on aircrafts. Security protocols do allow carrying vape mods and electronic cigarettes in carry-on luggage. Hence, it is better to pack devices in while traveling and refrain from carrying them in hand luggage.


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