Parents Warned About Discreet E-cigarette That’s Infiltrating Schools

The JUUL is the latest trend in e-cigarettes, and it’s dangerously catching on among teenagers. The vape device looks like a USB stick and gives off minimal vapor.

The Palm Beach County School District in Florida is warning parents that principals are seeing a growing number of e-cigarette devices found on middle and high school campuses.

“It’s just so easy to sneak in and it doesn’t really look like it’s a cigarette,” said a high school student in Martin County who is not being identified.

“We have students doing it in classrooms. We’re finding them [JUUL devices] actually plugged into our laptops in campuses,” said June Eassa, Director of Safe Schools for the Palm Beach County School District.

The JUUL comes with pods that contain liquid nicotine. Unlike other vape devices, this one gives off little to no vapor.

“After winter break it’s really picked up a lot more,” said the student. “They just like blow it away real quick with their hand.”

Smoke and Vape Shop on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach confirms the JUUL has grown to be their hottest selling e-cigarette.

“It’s draw activated, no buttons, minimal vape,” said Jeniveve DeVary, Vape and Smoke Shop employee. “They [customers] really like the flavors.”

Mint, mango, cool cucumber, Crème brûlée, are all appealing flavors; especially to minors.

A regular pack of cigarettes has 20 cigarettes, which amounts to an average of 240 milligrams of nicotine per pack. One JUUL pod has the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes.



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