Take the Vape Challenge with VApril

Is your new year resolution to stop smoking floundering? Finding it difficult to break the habit? Tried in the past but been unsuccessful? You’re not alone – there are some 7m other smokers just like you in the UK.

Take our 3 step VApril Challenge in cities across the UK and give yourself the best chance of giving up cigarettes for good.

1. Drop into a Vaping Masterclass.

Drop into a Vaping Masterclass anytime during April at specialist vaping stores in cities across the UK. The masterclass will include:

  • An introduction to the range of devices and flavours on the market;
  • Expert advice on the ideal starter products based on smoking habits: from social and average to regular and heavy cigarette usage

2. Receive your free 6-page VApril guide.

The UK Vaping Industry Association has produced a special guide for first time vapers, Vape to break the smoking habit, which provides lots of great advice and information on:

  • The best way to make the transition from smoker to vaper
  • The different nicotine strengths to select in line with your smoking habits
  • The range of devices on the market to use at different stages in your vaping journey from ‘vaping first timers’ to ‘vaping veterans’
  • The different components that make up a vape device
  • 5 vaping facts to encourage you to quit smoking

3. Be social.

Tell us about your VApril experience by posting your thoughts, pics and videos on.

Read more at vapril.org


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