Latest Attacks On Flavoured E-Liquids Rebutted But Still Leaves A Bad Taste

Study Shows There’s Less Toxins In E-Liquid Vapour Than The Air You Breathe In Your Home

Attacking e-cigarettes and vaping has seemingly been the flavour of the month for many scientists and the mainstream media from the start and now there appears to be another move to go after e-liquid flavourings.

I don’t need to tell you just how many scare stories seem to flood the public’s psyche on an almost daily basis.

Those of us tasked with rebutting them seem to be fighting a constant rearguard action with droves of sexed up scientific claims that vaping is as bad for you as smoking.

It really isn’t and neither are the flavours found in the vast majority of e-liquids dangerous either.

Sometimes it’s like tilting at windmills trust me lol.

As to why I’m covering this now – I’ll go into shortly but the old and rebutted claim that eliquid flavourings can ‘break down’ when heated and release what’s called aldehyde or formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen – has reared its ugly head again.

Trust me you’ll want to stay to the end because if I told you there’s less of the nasties in e-liquid vapour than the air in your own home – you might not believe me.

As I said more in a moment but first a little background on the state of e-liquid flavourings and their safety.

Big Tobacco Attacks Flavoured E-juices and Manufacturers

For quite some time now e-liquids – particularly the sweeter variety – have been targeted by ignorant politicians in particular – mostly with the theory than flavours such as bubblegum and cotton candy for instance are designed to attract children.

As preposterous as that sounds and no matter how many times experts far more qualified than me rebut the ridiculous theory – those politicians wont let it go.

Just last week at another sitting of the Science and Technology Committee UK MPs discussed ‘concerns’ around short fills and flavoured e-liquids with none other than a panel of Big Tobacco scientists.

That’s like discussing the care of foxes with the local master of the hunt if you think about it.

However in all fairness – I try to be lol – the Big Tobacco scientists at the meeting were pretty upbeat about the majority of flavourings and felt the current legislation with the TPD and the need here in the UK to disclose to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

However…there’s always an however when dealing with Big Tobacco lol.

Darren Jones MP asked the Big Tobacco scientists this curious question:

Am I right in assuming that there is a market of providers outside the tobacco companies that are producing the non-nicotine versions of these flavouring liquids? If so…do you have concerns around the toxicological assessment of the flavourings by those companies when they are making those liquids?

Now if that isn’t putting Big Tobacco in the driving seat as ‘experts’ in the field of e-liquids then I don’t know what is – and of course this was picked up almost gleefully.

Woman Vaping E Cig



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