Kaleidoscope from Strictly Liquids

Fresh fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet. Blueberries and pomegranates are especially good choices that are rich in natural sugar, vitamins and minerals. These fruits also contain phytonutrients, such as polyphenols, flavonols and anthocyanins, which are plant-based compounds that are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants rid your body of potentially damaging chemicals and help you avoid certain potentially serious diseases.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are potentially harmful, oxidizing chemicals your body produces as byproducts of normal metabolism or from breakdown of toxins, drugs and other compounds. They are quite unstable and likely to damage DNA, proteins and other cellular components. Examples of these chemicals include peroxyl, hydroxyl and superoxide radicals. In the long term, free radicals can interfere with the function of your organs and make you more susceptible to diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Cancer Prevention

Antioxidant compounds in both blueberries and pomegranates may help you avoid cancer or, if you have the disease, improve your outcome. Harvard Medical School experts summarize findings from research studies showing that pomegranate juice slows growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory and also reduces the size of implanted tumors in laboratory animals. In addition, research shows that phytochemicals in blueberries may also be cancer preventives. In one study, published in “Cancer Research” in 2010, blueberry extract stopped division of cultured breast cancer cells, reduced their ability to spread to new locations and shrank tumors in laboratory animals by increasing cancer cell death.

In regard to those benefits of blueberry and pomegranate, Strictly Liquids  mixed these flavors to make the perfect vape juice. It’s the cream that rounds out this blend. Or maybe it’s the blueberry and pomegranate mix? Either way, this is a solid crew go to vape and will easily be yours as well!

Ingredients: Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, and USP NicSelect Nicotine

Pre Steeped: Two weeks or longer

Ratio: 80vg/20pg


Shop now at strictlyliquids.com


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