What You Need to Know About the FDA’s ELiquid ANPRM

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb is starting the new year focusing on a key issue we believe many V2 vapers should pay attention to – the regulation of eliquids.

The administration just filed an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) pertaining to e-liquid flavors in the U.S. This move is a distinct shift away from the vaping friendly tone that Dr. Gottlieb initially took when he became the new FDA commissioner in early 2017.

What Does This Mean for Vapers?

The ANPRM is being spearheaded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), together with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). According to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs website, the sole purpose of this public proposal is to gather comments from industry experts, vapor enthusiasts and opponents from across the country on how to best regulate vape juice flavors.

There has been extra scrutiny on vapor e-liquids in recent years since some vape opponents have argued some teenagers are being drawn to vaping due to the availability and marketing of various fruit-flavored e-liquids. At V2, we offer a variety of fruit flavors in our E-Liquid Marketplace. However, we always title, label and market these flavors in a mature manner to appeal to adults only.

While it’s important to be mindful about messaging associated with advertising for any vapor product, it is also critical to take into account the role that some e-liquid flavors play in helping vapers make the switch.

In response to this ANPRM, the Attorney General of Iowa Thomas Miller and four anti-smoking activists and public health experts have sent a letter to Dr. Gottlieb urging him to consider the public health benefits that e-liquid flavors offer legal adults in the U.S.

What Does This Mean for V2?

With vaping customers around the globe, our teams has spoken with thousands of V2 customers over the years and heard first-hand how different e-liquid flavors enable them to taper off of nicotine over time.

While federal regulators are closely monitoring vapor e-liquid flavors citing that they attract “young people,” many have asked why the alcohol industry hasn’t faced the same scrutiny towards flavored alcohol beverages. Visit your local liquor store in practically any state in the U.S. and you will find a variety of “flavored” vodka’s featuring peach, watermelon, cherry, grape, berry, vanilla and more.

We believe in fair and common sense regulations that protect consumers, yet create a business atmosphere that does not stifle innovation. It is also our position that strict self-regulation combined with unbiased federal regulations should be equally enforced across both the vapor and alcohol industries. VMR Products has made it a point to be the industry leader when it comes to self-regulation and adult-focused advertising campaigns.

All V2 outreach efforts are strictly designed for adult customers. We do not label our e-liquid flavors terms related to candies or kids’ snacks. In addition, we consciously do not market our vapor products with “child-centric” images or descriptions.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Right to Vape?

The ANPR is currently just a public draft that is still being finalized. Once it is finalized and public, vapor fans from across the country will be able to submit online comments and opinions. If V2 customers and other vaporizer fans submit comments, our united voices could have a powerful and positive impact on the outcome of e-liquid regulation.

In the mean time, we encourage you to share this blog post with your vaping friends on social media! We’d also love to hear your thoughts about the FDA potentially banning or regulating e-liquid flavors in the comment section below.

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