Empty 30ml Unicorn Bottle – 5 Pack

Here at The Sauce LA, we understand what vape enthusiasts want and need. That’s why we’re proud to present to you our Empty 30ml Bottle – 5 Pack. For an amazingly affordable price, you’ll be able to grab five empty 30ml unicorn bottles that will make your vaping life significantly easier, especially if you are a DIY vaper.

30mL Unicorn

The Empty 30ml Bottle – 5 Pack from The Sauce LA opens the door to a world of vaping opportunities. These refillable bottles are made of high-quality clear plastic that can withstand extensive transportation. The sturdy unicorn spout allows you to refill any tank without making a mess and wasting precious vape juice.

If you’re into the world of DIY juice-making, these empty bottles are exactly what’s missing from your setup. The 30ml capacity of these bottles allows you to enjoy small batches of your latest e-liquid flavor concoctions.

These bottles are also great for traveling. If you want to leave the house with a variety of flavors at your fingertips, you can simply fill each 30ml bottle with a favorite juice. The small, thin size of these bottles means that they can fit into your pocket or purse discreetly. The thick plastic means that you won’t have to worry about these bottles getting crushed and splitting open.

The Empty 30ml Bottle – 5 Pack is only $5.99, making this product a must-have. Best of all, these bottles are completely reusable, ensuring that you’ll most certainly get your money’s worth.

To fill a bottle with juice, simply untwist its cap. The wide spout allows you to pour juice from either a unicorn bottle or a dropper bottle without making any mess whatsoever. Because of the clear plastic, you’ll be able to know when you’re running low. The caps screw on tightly enough to prevent that dreaded e-juice leakage that’s caused by cheap bottles.

Every vape enthusiast should grab the Empty 30ml Bottle – 5 Pack. This affordable and convenient product comes in handy in a variety of ways. These high-quality bottles are extremely portable and completely refillable.


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