Double Clutch Crunch (PB & Bananas Cereal)

Flavor: Peanut Butter | Banana | Crunch Cereal 

Remember watching cartoons eating a bowl of cereal? Yea, we do too. We wanted to bring you right back to the good ‘ol days and have created the best cereal vape juice where on the inhale you’ll taste delicious bananas, peanut butter and milk and on the exhale, you’ll get that buttery crunch cereal goodness!  It will be your favorite!!


Product Information: 

Say hello to our Award Winning Vape Juice!  We won the Iron Award at Vape Nights Las Vegas for this juice! Double Comma Vapes takes pride in creating a memorable vaping experience with every bottle!  Our in-house PHD Chemist worked with our Mixologist to create the Best Cereal Vape Juice where you truly taste the Peanut Butter, Banana and Cereal!  We pride ourselves in giving you the best peanut butter vape juice that has a creamy taste you crave and follow it up with hint of banana so that it doesn’t overpower the flavor.  The team at DoubleCommaVapes clocked in tons of hours to make sure that the cereal truly tasted like Capt’n Crunch and then had people that vape all day test it out before releasing it.  This Captain Crunch flavor has a  lot of hard work and love put into it and as soon as you taste it, you will see for yourself!  It is a favorite ALL DAY VAPE by everyone!



USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, Artificial and Natural Flavors and Premium Nicotine *if indicated

Proprietary Steeping Process

80/20 VG/PG Ratio

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