6 Ways To Tailor Your Throat Hit Experience

1 – Change Your Nicotine Strength

The amount of nicotine in your e-juice is the key thing that influences your throat hit.

Nicotine gives a robust, punchy throat hit, and more nicotine gives a stronger throat hit. If you’ve ever vaped a high-nicotine e-juice you’ll know the feeling – it’s powerful and sometimes verges on uncomfortable, but if you’re just switching from smoking it could be just what you need to replicate the sensation of smoke.

The advice is simple: if you want a bigger throat hit, get an e-liquid with more nicotine in it. If you want less throat hit, get an e-liquid with less nicotine in it.

When we surveyed vapers about throat hit, just under half of the people who rated their throat hit as strong used a nicotine strength over 16 mg/ml. For people who rated their throat hit as weak, almost two-thirds used juices with 10 mg/ml of nicotine or lower.

But there is one issue. When you start using things like sub ohm tanks and mods, your equipment gets more efficient at getting you nicotine, and higher nicotine strengths quickly become too much to handle.

2 – Change Your PG/VG Ratio

Another of the most well-known sources of throat hit is the PG/VG ratio of the e-juice you’re using.

PG produces more of a throat hit than VG, with high-VG liquids being ideal for anybody looking for a smooth vape.

The throat hit from PG isn’t as full-bodied and robust as that from nicotine, though. PG offers more of a sharp, biting hit to the back of your throat, and it can get slightly tickly or scratchy from time to time too. The nicotine gives a thick, robust baseline throat hit and the PG just makes it a little punchier.

The results of our survey generally support this role of PG/VG ratio in your throat hit.

People who rated their throat hit as strong or very strong were most likely to use a roughly even balance between PG and VG (between 40/60 PG/VG and 60/40), followed by high PG (over 60 % PG). Conversely, 43 % of people who rated their throat hit as weak or very weak used high-VG (over 60 % VG) e-juice, with a mid-range e-juice being the next most common answer.

3 – Change Your Power Setting

The power you vape at has a big impact on your throat hit, too.

This is mainly a concern for people with variable wattage or temperature control (TC) mods, because smaller tank system e-cigs only support lower-wattage vaping. But with a powerhouse mod and a sub ohm tank or other atomizer that can cope with higher wattages, you open up a whole new area when it comes to throat hit.

The throat hit from your power setting mainly comes through from the temperature of the vapour, and it’s been described as multiplying the effect of your existing sources of throat hit. So if you have a sharp throat hit from the PG content of your juice, turning the power up to 50 W will make it even sharper.

Similarly, the warm, robust throat hit from nicotine gets a lot stronger when you turn up the power. This is actually a big part of the reason most vapers decrease their nicotine level when they get a better setup – the throat hit can get a little much to handle.

On the basis of this, it might seem like power isn’t a good thing to change to adjust your throat hit. Why would you want to make PG even scratchier on your throat? Why would you want an uncomfortably strong nicotine hit?

Read more at ecigarettedirect.co.uk


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