Capella Flavors Pancake Syrup Vape Juice Concentrate

Pancakes and waffles are always a hit in our house and, oh, spreading on some butter and drizzling some nice, warm syrup over the top is one of the best ways to make your breakfast an inviting breakFEAST.

In Coffee

Instead of adding sugar or flavored coffee syrups to your morning cup of joe, try adding a drizzle of Hungry Jack pancake syrup for sweetness and flavor.

In Butter

Whip some Hungry Jack pancake syrup into butter for a delicious, spreadable topping.

On Sausage

Maple-flavored sausage links are a favorite of mine. Whether you’re having a breakfast patty or sausage links, add a little pancake syrup to make them breakFEAST worthy.

On Pancakes and Waffles

This one is pretty obvious, but we absolutely love serving our waffles and pancakes with Hungry Jack pancake syrup. They are an essential part of any breakFEAST. A fun way to serve your pancakes is to add some crumbled up bacon and drizzle syrup over the top. Maple bacon pancakes (see them in my Farmhouse Breakfast Party post.). Yum!

Pancake Syrup DIY Vape Flavor Concentrate By Capella

Sweet, sugary goodness – this Pancake Syrup concentrate from Capella is what your DIY recipe needs. This is a very versatile flavor and it can be added to dessert, breakfast, fruit or tobacco recipes.


Recommended Mixing Quantity: 5%

Note: This is not e-liquid! Do not vape or otherwise ingest this product without dilution.

Let’s buy this product at


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