MTV showcases the daily vaper’s favorite trickster

On Friday December 8, MTV aired the first episode of Rob Dyrdek’s new show “Amazingness.” The talent competition show airs weekly after “Ridiculousness, another Dyrdek show.  “Amazingness” introduces viewers to some of the most ridiculously talented people around the world. There are six acts who all compete for the $10,000 grand prize.

In the first episode, a vaping trickster was added to the lineup of unique talents to showcase their skills. His name is Johnny from the VGOD vape company. MTV introduced him as the “VGOD.” We, at Daily Vaper have delivered some of VGOD’s “tutorial” YouTube videos to our readers in the recent past. The videos aim to teach vapers how to pull off specific vape tricks.

Now most of us vapers out there have been aware of these types vaping tricks for years, but this is a huge development in that it has been broadcast in the mainstream on a very popular channel. The judges and the crowd were very much impressed by the tricks Johnny was able to accomplish. He sent some big O’s and triangles right up to judges for their enjoyment. He pulled off several tricks on stage. Ultimately, VGOD was defeated by a three-brother dance team.



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