Vaping Around Pets: Are E-Cigs Toxic for them?

Electronic cigarettes may not be as perilous for your furry and fine feathered friends as tobacco cigarettes. However, vaping around pets can pose three dangers:

  1. Nicotine poisoning
  2. Allergies and illnesses from vapor
  3. Injuries from battery explosion

If your e-juice doesn’t contain nicotine, it doesn’t mean you have nothing to worry about as other ingredients and flavorings can be hazardous for the pets.

E-Juice Bottle in Wrong Paws Can be Lethal

In February 2014, Ivy a 14-week old, beautiful Staffordshire Terrier, consumed some e-juice from the bottle used by her 56-year old owner Keith Sutton in the UK. The owner tried putting her paws under cold tap water to control her heartbeat and rushed her to the vet. However, the vet didn’t know what to do in case of nicotine poisoning in dogs as it was a rare occurrence. She searched the internet, to no avail. Then she gave the pup steroids, but the poor little creature died the next day.

For small animals such as hamsters or small dog breeds, just 9.2mg of nicotine is enough to be lethal. Obviously, the bigger the pet, the more nicotine would have to be ingested for it to have a fatal effect. Even if it’s not lethal, nicotine can cause irreversible damage to pets.

Nicotine Poisoning in Pets

The most common and most lethal impact of vaping around pets come in the form of nicotine ingestion. Vets have treated pets for eating cigarette butts and other nicotine products. However, the influx of e-cigs has increased the number of such cases.

Ahna Brutlag, the associate director of veterinary services at Pet Poison Helpline acknowledges it in these words:

We have handled cases for dogs and cats poisoned by eating traditional cigarettes or tobacco products containing nicotine for many years.” She further added, “As the use of e-cigarettes has become more widespread, our call volume for cases involving them has increased considerably.



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