Soma Guest Bartenders at Soma Art Coffee in District 2, Saigon

Hello Vapers!  What happening this weekend.  I am heading to District 2 with my favorite vape – Caramel Waffle Cappuccino to hit up my friend’s event – Soma Guest Bartenders at Soma Art Coffee. This is all about having fun, enjoying cocktails, meeting people, getting tipsy with Soma’s team every Saturday night.

About Soma!!!

Nestled in the bricks of one of Saigon’s beautiful, historical buildings is a tiny cozy space used as a coffee shop by day and your next favourite watering hole by night serving craft beer, cocktails and wine.

At Soma, everything is a little bit special. So join us for a drink! Kick back with a delicious, aromatic coffee made from Vietnamese beans, brought from farm to table by our Ethnic Vietnamese partners in the Central Highlands, enjoy our unique, house-crafted cocktails made with traditional liquors and herbal blends, and invest in your local craft beer scene with taps and bottles from a range of Saigon breweries.

Support the underdogs (this city’s up and coming artists) and join us for a range of exciting exhibitions, featuring street art, alternative fine art, photography, real-time installations and much more.


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