The Money Behind Vaping

In recent years, few consumer products have taken off as quickly as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

Just in this last decade, we have seen Uber take over taxis, flip-phones evolve into smartphones, and Netflix cut into cable.

But, perhaps no change is more noticeable than the rise of vaporizers and the decline of traditional tobacco products, like cigarettes. Walk down any city street, and you will see thick clouds of e-cig smoke and vape shops on every other corner.

According to Statista, an aggregator of data sources, global online sales of e-cigarettes have surpassed $650 million, while overall e-cigarette sales in just the U.S. have surpassed $2.35 billion. Furthermore, one in every five Americans e-smoke at leasonce a day.

In the spirit of these changing times, LendEDU wanted to get a better understanding of the consumption habits of “vapers” in the U.S. We polled 1,000 daily users of nicotine e-cigarettes or nicotine vaporizers; keep reading to see our discoveries.

The Consumption Statistics of Vapers

$80.20 – Average amount spent on a vaporizer or e-cigarette
$60.76 – Average amount spent on vaping products (i.e. cartridges) per month 
9.29 times – Average number of vaping purchases made per month
$6.54 – Average purchase amount of a vaping product

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