Vape Tricks 101: A Guide on How to do the Most Popular Vaping Tricks

Why do people want to perform vape tricks? It’s simple: people have played with stuff that came out of their body since the paleolithic era. Many a movie has depicted a challenge between two – or more – youngsters, usually male, where the one who spat longer was crowned the winner. Smoking gave us something more to play with, smoke (duh!), with the most avid smokers doing the most basic of tricks: “blowing O’s”.

The “O’s” are, of course, smoke rings, blown out of the smokers mouth.

Vaping upped the ante, by providing us with richer, thicker, fuller Vapor

Vapor is the substance that is produced when e-liquid is heated. This is what you inhale when you are vaping. vapor as fuel for such tricks. Even if you think somebody “doing the dragon” by blowing huge streams of vapor from his mouth and nostrils looks rather stupid instead of, you know, an actual dragon, you have to admit that tricks like this are impossible with “Analog

An analog is a slang term for traditional cigarettes.”analog smoking”. There, that’s another bonus of switching to vaping, apart from all the health advantages of quitting the “hobby” of inhaling burning paper and tobacco: you can play around with the fluffy clouds you blow. After lots of practice, trial and error, you might even be able to mold them into specific shapes – a whirlwind, a jellyfish, a depiction of Robocop riding a unicorn.



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