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Premium e-Juice Flavors: Tangerine+Strawberry+Lime+Koolada VAPE THE SAUCE LA E-JUICE An energy drink pick-me-up! 1922 e-juice tastes just like a tropical energy drink, but better – with a subtle cooling effect on the exhale. An excellent all day vape. Pairs well with: Passion Fruit Cooler, Mango Tropical Blast and XXX Pre-steeped: Proprietary steeping process. Perpetual flavor. VG/PG: 80/20 Boost the best for 60% off using coupon code: Cheers! Shop now at http://www.thesaucela.com Advertisements Continue reading 1922 | Best Energy Drink Vape Juice | The Sauce

Two Charged With Selling E-Liquid Nicotine To Minors: Police

The 16-year-old and 29-year-old were both arrested during an investigation on Memorial Day, police say. SMITHTOWN, NY – Two people were charged with selling e-liquid nicotine to minors at businesses in the Town of Smithtown during a Memorial Day investigation, according to Suffolk Police. In response to community complaints, officers conducted an investigation on into the sale of e-liquid nicotine to minors at 12 businesses. According to police, the following people were arrested and charged with two counts second degree unlawfully dealing with a child: Anilkumar Prajapati, 29, employed at the Evolve Smoke Shop on 59 East Main Street in … Continue reading Two Charged With Selling E-Liquid Nicotine To Minors: Police

South Korean Fires From Cigarettes Decreased

Aside from controversial harmful effects, one of the positive side effects of e-cigarettes – a popular substitute for conventional cigarettes among smokers – was highlighted in a government report yesterday. According to the National Fire Agency, the government body responsible for fire prevention measures, fires caused by careless smoking have seen a significant decline over the past year. And this favorable trend seems to be the direct result of the surging popularity of e-cigarettes. Sure, an increased vigilance towards fire safety following deadly fire accidents in Jecheon and Miryang that killed dozens of people played a huge role in the … Continue reading South Korean Fires From Cigarettes Decreased

Vape Device | HOHM Life 18650 Vape Battery For Box and Mech Mods

The Hohm Life 18650 is the best vape battery we have used at TheSauceLA. We’ve used these vape battery cells for months with continued high output on both our box mods and mechanical mods. This is the vape battery you need! Built specifically for vapers and the vape industry at heart… We emphasized on safety while using battery steriods.  TIRED OF REWRAPS?  So are we.  Hohm Tech cells come standard with UAC (unique authenticity code) attached to each cell. Step 1]  Started with the tried and true LG H Series battery chemistry Step 2]  Collaboration & guidance from the source … Continue reading Vape Device | HOHM Life 18650 Vape Battery For Box and Mech Mods


Desire with the collaboration of Project Sub-Ohm® showcases their new X-Mini 108W TC Box Mod, a single 18650 or 21700 powered box mod with the maximum output of 108W with a classy design, a temperature control suite, and a state breathing style display light. The X-Mini is constructed with durable die cast Zinc alloy and is followed with an ergonomic shape that allows users to grip their device with ease along with an elegant and exclusive black finish and blue button faces. The Desire X-Mini are serialized and features the Project Sub-Ohm® logo on the battery door, the side, and when the device … Continue reading PROJECT SUB-OHM® EDITION DESIRE X-MINI 108W TC STARTER KIT

Vaping Indoors — Tips on Vaping at Work

Vapers are now experiencing something similar as non-vapers are frequently asking, why are vapers so annoying? There is no doubt that clouds of vapor do not pose a health hazard to those in the vicinity as second-hand smoke does, but there is need of some vape clarity on the issue of whether it is ok to vape at work or indoors in general. Once people understood exactly how dangerous second-hand smoke was, smokers suddenly became shunned. And we decided to explore what it means to be a vaper these days regarding what the do’s and don’ts of how you should vape indoors. … Continue reading Vaping Indoors — Tips on Vaping at Work

Hot Wheelz (PB & Grape Jelly)

Flavor: PB & Grape Jelly Sandwich Who remember “Playin’ Cars” growing up? You’d ask your friends, “Hey, do you want to come over and play cars?” You’d build cool roads, make places for them to park and race them all day! With all that hard play, you’d of course have to take a pit stop break for lunch. That Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly sandwich would be waiting for you, ready to help you refuel! We have created an e-juice that takes you right back to those days! Take a drag of our Hot Wheelz and go back in time to … Continue reading Hot Wheelz (PB & Grape Jelly)