Capella Flavors Pina Colada V2 Vape Juice Concentrate

If you like Piña Coladas, then you should get the concentrate! With Capella, DIYing your own vape is a snap and simply satisfying! Pina Colada DIY Vape Flavor Concentrate By Capella Capella has replicated the delicious taste of Pina Colada for your DIY needs – all it’s missing is a mini umbrella! Sweet and tart, you’re going to want to enjoy this flavor while sitting out in the sun. Recommendations Recommended Mixing Quantity: 10% Pairs Well With: Banana, Coconut, Golden Pineapple Note: This is not e-liquid! Do not vape or otherwise ingest this product without dilution. $2.99 is all it takes to get it … Continue reading Capella Flavors Pina Colada V2 Vape Juice Concentrate


FreeMax introduces their FireLuke Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank, a 25mm diameter, push to open top fill system, that utilizes mesh coil heads, and a complete resin construction. The Mesh Pro can accommodate up to 5ml of E-Liquid with the pre-installed tank and can accommodate up to 6ml with the larger bubble glass tank section. The Mesh Pro can easily be filled by pushing the top of the tank and exposing the fill port. The FireLuke Mesh Pro uses the FireLuke Mesh coil family and comes with a 0.2 ohm double mesh coil head that’s rated 60 to 90W and the 0.15 ohm Kanthal … Continue reading FREEMAX FIRELUKE MESH PRO SUB-OHM TANK


Được mệnh danh là “Hòn Ngọc Viễn Đông”, Sài Gòn – TP.HCM từ lâu đã là trung tâm văn hóa, kinh tế, chính trị của Việt Nam. Du lịch đến với Sài Gòn – TP.HCM, bạn có thể gặp những tòa nhà cao tầng nằm san sát, những khu vui chơi giải trí, trung tâm mua sắm sầm uất, nhưng cũng không thiếu những biệt thự cổ kính, những ngôi chợ truyền thống tồn tại đã hàng trăm năm. Sài Gòn rộng lớn và không thiếu những “đặc sản” du lịch như Du ngoạn ven sông Sài Gòn bằng tàu, … Continue reading DU LỊCH SÀI GÒN (TPHCM) – CHƠI GÌ – VAPE Ở ĐÂU?

Candy Apple| Awesometown

I’ve never gone apple-picking during fall, but what’s the appeal of paying to pick your own fruit? I know it’s like a thing, but I’m more interested in sitting back and vaping some Candy Apple e-juice. Pick one up for 65% off using my discount code: “Angela” Premium e-Juice Flavors: Cotton Candy+Red Apple+Grape+Pear+Gummy Candy Vape Awesometown e-Juice! Bottle Size: 60mL VG/PG: 80/20 Enjoy this delicious candy apple vape juice courtesy of Awesometown! Candy Apple vape juice by Awesometown is a perfect blend of fruit and candy. In typical Awesometown fashion, they stray away from the conventional with this e-Juice. The … Continue reading Candy Apple| Awesometown

Philippines Legislature Backs Vaping

In a surprising move, the Philippines House of Representatives is urging that vaping be included in the country’s tobacco control strategy. The legislative body issued a resolution asking the health department to promote tobacco harm reduction. The resolution, authored by Reps. Anthony Bravo and Jose Tejada, references the experience in the U.K., where public health authorities have promoted vaping as a safer alternative for cigarette smokers. According to the Manila Standard, the lawmakers specifically cite the landmark reports from Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians. A resolution is not law or even binding on the regulators. It is … Continue reading Philippines Legislature Backs Vaping

$5.99 120ml Sale Ending Soon

Summer’s almost over, but we’re still cookin’ up some great deals! Lately, I’ve been hooked on three flavors – Ace, Capone and Open Road. I want you guys to be able to enjoy them as much as I have so I decided to pass along some savings! From now until August 17th 120mls of Ace, Capone and Open Road vape juice will be available for just $5.99! All other flavors will be available at 60% off! Get the bonus discount now! Capone, Open Road, and Ace Discount  +60% off in-house e-juice EXPIRES August 17th! Code: Cheers Shop now at Continue reading $5.99 120ml Sale Ending Soon

Flavor Boost | Mango Tropical Blast

Mango Tropical Blast DIY Vape Flavoring Concentrate By The Sauce LA Flavors: Mango+Tangerine+Sweet Tea Looking for something refreshing? Look no further than the Mango Tropical Blast Flavor Boost from The Sauce LA! Use this mixture to add a flavor shot to Mango Tropical Blast or use our classic blend as an ingredient in your DIY mixture! Mix this product with VG, PG, and nicotine (if desired) to create your custom blend of Mango Tropical Blast. You can mix at any ratio you like – 80/20, 50/50, or 30/70. Bottle Size: 30ml Note: This is not e-liquid! Do not vape or otherwise ingest this product without dilution. … Continue reading Flavor Boost | Mango Tropical Blast